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Embr Checkout

Web3 power.
Web2 feel.

From first-timers to veterans, Embr Checkout is designed to welcome the world to Web3. Buyers can get started with just a credit card and email.

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Future-proofing trust

Today's investors are fearful. But when they use Embr Checkout, they see all the traditional cues from the sites they already trust. It's the Web2 feel we don't need to replace, leading to the boundless opportunity of Web3.



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People don’t care how centralized finance or DeFi works — nor do they need to. They just want it to work.

Supporters don’t need to suffer through long, error-prone processes or navigate multiple blockchains. Gone are the days of copy/pasting contract addresses and predicting gas fees and slippage. Embr Checkout just works.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

We've already built it so you don't have to

With Checkout, you have a team of Embr engineers and designers working to ensure that checking out is a breeze. You’re welcome.

Accept credit card

Let your supporters buy new assets the way they want to

Easy wallet creation

Reach the 99% of people without a wallet

Buy Button

Add a call to action button to convert anywhere on your website

Audited & Secured

Offer the strongest evolution of Web3 cybersecurity

Chains for days

Checkout supports over 20 EVM compatible chains

View the full list

Modular by nature

Checkout can be used as a full-page Web3 payment flow, or only for specific use cases by combining it with our embeddable widget or pop-up modal.

Checkout Launcher

A hovering payment modal that’s always ready.

Fast integration

Get up and running in as little as 5 minutes.

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type: 'CheckoutLaunchButton',
options: {
checkoutId: '01G5JD677FKWETQ92SRCCB5PT9',
label: 'Get EMBR',
showLogo: false,
theme: 'custom',
backgroundColor: '#fe7900',
size: 'sm'

Enhanced security

Checkout monitors threats every 10 seconds, providing relentless protection for your Web3 world.

Top-level compliance

On-chain AML analysis, KYC and fraud monitoring help you avoid the costly pitfalls of compliance burdens. Checkout offers new layers of protection that buyers almost never see in typical token-based projects.

What's built. What's next.

Whether they are familiar with Web3 or just starting, Embr Checkout lets you reach the 99% of people—all with a single integration. Get access to advanced payment features like fiat on-ramp, easy wallet creation, multi-chain support, and more.

Supported use cases

DeFi Tokens

Platform tokens


Built-in features

EVM Multi-Chain Support

Terms of use policies

Email receipts - Coming Soon

Security & Compliance

Audited smart contracts

Bug bounty program with Hackenproof

Token LP basic security check

Conversion optimizations

Buy buttons

Pop-up modal

Checkout Launcher

Branding customization

Responsive design

No setup fees.
No monthly fees.
No hidden fees.

Accept credit cards, Apple Pay, debit cards, DeFi wallets and more.

No checkout-specific costs–buyers are responsible for their transaction fees.

Immutably Human

For founders, by founders.

Proactive Support


Solve anything with a robust library of answers


Speak with real people in real-time through 24/7 customer support

Collective Intelligence


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